Welcome to the support site for the Ameritech Faculty Development Technology Program (AFDTP) workshops. The purpose of this site is to support program workshops offered in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Kansas and to provide access for all faculty to resources created for those workshops.

  • May 16, 2001 - A technical problem has surfaced for those users accessing the site with a Macintosh and using IE 5. For some reason, the page colors do not display properly, making the pages virtually unreadable. Until we can identify and fix the problem, we would suggest that Macintosh users use Netscape Communicator instead.
  • May 10, 2001 - Registration for the KICA TLM Spring Workshop is now available. Click on Workshops and then select Kansas from the list for links to the available workshops.
  • April 12, 2001 - Many of the WFIC workshops are now open for registration, but not all of them have Announcements posted yet. Click on Workshops and then select Wisconsin from the list for links to the announcements. To see which are open for registration, go into My Account and click on the My Workshops link on the left menu.
  • April 12, 2001 - The regional workshop "Using GIS Software to Teach Geography Concepts" being offered by WFIC is now available for registration for anyone from all five states. If you click on My Account and then select My Workshops from the menu on the left, it will show up on your list of available workshops.
  • April 12, 2001 - A second offering of the OFIC Webagogy Workshop is now available for May 17th. (I know May 17th comes before May 18th, but since this was added it is listed as #2 :^))
  • April 2, 2001 - Registration for the OFIC Webagogy Workshop is full, but there is a waiting list. If you discover you can't attend, be sure to un-register yourself to open up room for another attendee who is waiting for a slot.
  • April 2, 2001 - Registration for the Regional TLM Institute, August 2-5, 2001, at Millikin University in Illinois is now available for TLMs from all five states (including Kansas). Information is available under the listing of Regional Workshops (Click on the Workshop icon above and then select Regional from the sub-menu.)
User Guides
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To create an account in order to register for a workshop or gain access to the curricula materials, first click on the "My Account" link to set up an account. On the registration form, fill in the information marked as required to register for workshops. Then go to the list of available workshops in your state (or offered through the region) to register.

Once you have joined the community, then

  1. Click on the "My Account" icon to get access to your account area.
  2. Select "My Workshops" from the left menu to bring up a list of workshops available to you.
  3. Click in the checkbox next to the workshop title and click on the "Register" button to automatically register for that workshop.
See the "Standard Registration" User Guide (available from the link above) for more details on working with your account.

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The Ameritech Faculty Development Technology Program (AFDTP) is entering its fifth year and is sponsored by Ameritech, now part of SBC Communications. It is a partnership of Ameritech and the Associated Colleges of Illinois (ACI), the Michigan Colleges Foundation (MCF), the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC), and the Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges (WFIC). The Effective Practices Program is sponsored by the Foundation for Independent Higher Education (FIHE)/UPS Venture Fund with matching funds from the AFDTP. This site is made possible by a grant from Ameritech/SBC and an in-kind contribution from Cedarville University. The thousands of faculty and dozens of independent colleges in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin who have benefited from this generosity wish to express their appreciation to Ameritech and the other organizations that have made this project possible.